Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally feeling better!

We stayed home from Nana and Pop's house today since I was struck by the bug!

Libi was still a bit stuffy, but she had much more spunk today!

The princesses were totally cast aside today and it was all about the cars. They were lined up, rolled across everything, and had some pretty amazing adventures!

In the evening we were invited to a special family dinner at Damon's in Glendale.

We loaded into the car and drove down with Grammy.

The food was pretty darn good! My favorite thing by far was the pork dish covered in sweet potato fries---- AMAZING!!! Don't bother with the twice baked potato-- have the Parmesan crusted asparagus instead.

Tonight we were celebrating lots of things: the life of Grandpa Joe, Cris' retirement, and her birthday/anniversary one last time :)

Aunt Violet and Aunt Andrea came...

Grammy and Libi (sadly Grampy was tutoring)...

and Ron and I.

We were seated by the fish tank which pleased all of us. I was hoping to see the blow-fish blow, but it didn't while we were there.

On the way out we had to take a closer look...

and we found this guy. As Libi says, "Awww! He's so cute!"

God bless the camera timer and a newspaper machine so we could take a whole group photo.

Libi thought the monkeys on the wall were just for her! Next year we will be on the lookout for owl things since she will be a Hootin' Owl.

Our final stop of the night was to Millions of Milkshakes.

Andrea, Violet and Cris had never been there so it was fun to share it with them.

I think they liked it!!!!

Thanks for a fun night!

Yay for summer!!!!

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