Saturday, June 12, 2010

A big day for Aunt Violet!

It wasn't the most restful night for Ron and I due to the fact that we had Libi in between us. She seemed to sleep just fine :)

We all got up early and made the drive into Santa Cruz.

We were so excited to help Aunt Violet celebrate her huge accomplishment of her BA in Anthropology!

The ceremony was held at 9 a.m. on a soccer field on the gorgeous campus.

Libi wore the dress that I wore to my preschool graduation.

She looked very sweet and she behaved well (especially due to the delay of the ceremony because of the high winds!)

It was so nice to get to know Aunt Violet's family! I can't believe it has taken us this long to meet her mother and "step-father".

Libi and I both had freshly painted nails-- her toes were orange, her nails were pink, and my nails were all red (to go with my pretty new red dress.)

Anastasia re-did her hair for the occasion-- it was a gorgeous orange!

The ceremony was small, which was nice for a UC school.

It was a bit warm, but the breeze kept it comfortable.

We got really prime seats...

but with the waiting somebody got antsy.

Daddy had to run potty duty...

on the way back they found Grampy.

We were so lucky that Aunt Violet was sitting right in front of us! It made for some really good photos :)

Having her name read...

and getting her diploma.

That is one happy girl!

Libi yelled for Aunt Violet (and every other graduate after her.)

Love all the caps in the air!

Violet graduated with honors as you can see by her medallion.

Libi picked flowers for Auntie Violet and the rest of the gang.

Here is the Paley family,

Violet and her friends/roommates,

Ron, Libi and I,

and the cute couple!

On the way to lunch Libi crashed for a very brief nap.

Post graduation Violet wanted to take us to some of her favorite Santa Cruz spots.

Stop #1 was at the Santa Cruz Diner (which was a stop on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.)

It was a super eclectic place!

Libi loved that she got to color AND sit next to Aunt Violet. Last week I noticed for the very first time that Libi is coloring with purpose-- today was no exception! She chose a different color for every component on her page and was trying to stay in the lines.

I was excited to sit next to Andrea!

Violet had her first mimosa...

and she and her Mom toasted the occasion!

After lunch Grampy showed Libs the shark and Barney head on the wall.

Stop #2: Our next stop was a gorgeous spot on the coast.

Anastasia showed Libi around.

You may notice the outfit change-- it was easier for her to play in this ensemble :)

We saw lots of wildlife at this spot... sea lions,

and a seagull with a crab lunch.

They were so close that we didn't have to spend a quarter on the machine :)

There was another occasion to celebrate today... Grammy and Grampy's 39th anniversary!

Sorry for the post, but we're getting to the end :) It was a miracle that we got one nice shot of Libs with her grandparents. Between Grampy's faces and Libs sticking her tongue out there was only one that was nice!

We didn't have the same luck with the aunt picture-- everyone had their funny faces on!

Anastasia hopped the fence and walked out onto the bluff. I simply love this picture!!!

Ron and I did our self portrait after poor Miss Libs had the gushiest bloody nose every. She was distraught because she got blood down the front of her outfit-- poor thing!

To get her out of the sun we took her in front of the lighthouse turned surf museum.

Grammy helped to keep Libs in one place/out of the sun.

We met a very nice homeless man named Garvin who took a shine to Libi. If you ask Libi about her trip the first thing she will tell you is there was a man "with very dirty hands!" He insisted on a picture with Libi hand to hand. She wasn't too certain about him, but she was a good sport!

Before we left we had to pick some more flowers :)

Spot #3?? We tried to get into the Mystery Spot to see what all the fuss was about...

but the line was three hours long to get in. While we missed seeing the Mystery Spot we did see some of the beautiful forests surrounding Santa Cruz.

Stop #4: Marianne's ice cream-- a local establishment for over 50 years!

They have a million different home-made ice cream flavors. Libi chose the strawberry and finished the entire thing!!!

There was more silliness in the shop before we all went our separate ways.

It was a very fun trip with the Ippolito's.

We are all happy to be getting back to Tobee :)

Due to the short nap earlier in the day, Libs slept nearly the entire drive back to Stockton.

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