Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is nearly here

This morning we had a bit of a slow start after getting home so late.

While Miss Libs was a bit of a bear at home so was a doll at school. In a way I'm excited that she saves her best behavior for strangers, but this morning I could have used some of it :)

I sent Libs in a headband, but she wanted to be au natural-- look at all that hair!!!

She is so funny when she's talking to folks-- she's so expressive! I think it's the Italian in her or maybe it's Mommy's drama.

Tobee went with me today to do pickup. Libs loves this surprise even though you can't tell from this photo.

In the evening Ron went out with his teacher friends but Libi and I were getting into summer mode.

In the dollar section at Target today I found some cute little flower pots..

I decided to grab some pink flowers...

and let Libs do some planting.

She loved the flowers but she wasn't a fan of getting her hands dirty!

Then it was her favorite part...

to place them around the yard so that they get watered by the sprinklers.

Tobee helped...

but Libi did the most work :)

Happy Summer!

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