Thursday, June 10, 2010

All that Stockton has to offer!

Libi always makes herself at home when we are in Stockton. She has her own special toys up there and as soon as we arrive they are all over the house.

One of Libi's first requests when we get into town is to go see all of Jammy's "friends" where she works.

So in the morning we took her up to Mom's community. There were some new folks we had never met like Kathy-- who walked with Libi and Granpa all around the building.

Some of the residents were having tea outside on this absolutely gorgeous day and Libi decided that they needed some dancing entertainment. The ladies clapped along and encouraged Libi to dance more, it was very sweet!

Libi also got to help with some physical therapy-- which Libi thought was just a game :)

Not only was she moving the parachute, but she also helped to fetch the ball when it went under the parachute.

Standing behind Libi is my favorite resident-- Ona Mae. I have lots of great stories about her :)

Jammy loves when Libs comes to work...

and so do the "friends" in the community.

I think she hugged every single one of them and told them that she would help them to feel better. She is such a love!

For lunch the three of us headed to Lodi Beer-- a really fun place in downtown Lodi.

They make several of their own beers including a root beer which Libi got her first taste of. We are so funny with her beverages-- she is a milk and water girl. Juice is even a special treat for her. We haven't ever given her soda. It won't be taboo in our home but we feel like she needs to be older before she gets to try it. Her little eyes lit up when she tasted the bubbles of the root beer-- I have a feeling when she does get to try more soda she's really going to like it!

The second request Libi has when we arrive in Stockton is to go swimming.

While Ron and I would rather eat glass then get into bathing suits, when your sweet little one can't swim without you, you suck it up and dive in!

Libi remembered everything that Miss Karen taught her!

She was a swimming master this year!

It's amazing what a difference a year makes!

My Mom pointed out that Libi has had her pink towel since she was a baby. I thought it would be fun to see her now....
and then.

For dinner we went to the most amazing little place, the Velvet Grill. It is a Mom and Pop place that hand-makes everything they serve (including ice cream!) I had the most amazing French Toast I've ever eaten!!!

We all had to try the ice cream. Libi was a fan!

So far it's a great start to our trip!

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