Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Libi has been busy making cards for all the important men in her life. She is writing her name, with help. She wants to learn on her own and we are working on it!

Libi took a few photos when we first arrived. I love this picture of Pop... this is how Libi sees him because he's so tall!

Libi also posed Granpa and Daddy for this photo. It was hilarious watching this from inside. She told them where to stand and how to pose.

Libi was a big help opening gifts today.

She even "read" the cards to everyone.

Here's Libs with two of her favorite men-- Granpa and Pop.

We gave Pop a photo montage of pictures from the time Libi was born to a few weeks ago and Libi had to point out who everyone was (Note: it was almost entirely of Libi and Pop, but that didn't matter to her!)

I just love these two together-- they have such a fun relationship that I hope continues for many years!

Tobee even came to help honor Daddy.

Libi also showed Nana all of the gifts so she wouldn't feel left out.

Daddy's big gift was made by Libs at school.

It was a darling frame where Libi appeared to be wearing a crown.

Before we left Libs decided that she wanted to sleep in the spare room. Such a silly willy!

After napping it was off to our Father's Day tradition with the Ippolito's.... Micken Donald's as Libi calls it!

While we were there I got the stuffing hugged out of me!

On the walk back to the homestead we stopped in the movie theater lot for some photos. Here is Libi with her Aunts,

Grammy and Grampy,

the whole Ippolito fam,

the boys,

and Mommy and Daddy!

Before the park we opened gifts at Grammy and Grampy's.

Grammy had a special surprise for Libi...

the bubble wrap from her computer!

It's amazing how the simplest things are often the most enjoyable.

At the park there was lots to do: bubbles,

playing in the sand, making new friends by sharing our sand toys (I was very proud of my kind daughter who shared with anyone who walked by),

and playing on the equipment with Daddy.

Mommy was loving the great lighting for photos.

Todd Longshore was the perfect spot for our family. Libi got to play...

and so did everyone else! Aunt Andrea brought a Frisbee for the grown ups to play with.

Our Father's Day dessert was s'mores!

It was a big hit...

especially with Grampy who had never had one before!

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing dads we know!

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