Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy

This morning we finally made it to a MOPS summer event!

Lisa hosted a park morning and Libi and I were excited to go!

At first Libs was a bit tentative on the moving bridge, but once she got her sea legs she had a blast!

She made a new friend named Mason.

He was running Libs all over the park!

When Lisa arrived Libi had to say a special hello to baby Violet (and Cora!)

We left the park after an hour to head down to Nana and Pop's house. There was lots of traffic on the 5 due to some construction.

This is the face I got when the off ramp to get to their house was closed. Poor thing melted down and said, "But I want to see Nana and Pop!" She didn't understand that we could get there an alternate way!

The first thing Libi did was tell Nana all about our trip up north.

Libi was up to her old tricks... with one notable exception:

she went into the front bedroom, grabbed every doll she could find, and lined them up on the bed.

Today I took my cookies from class for dessert. Libi loved that she got to sit on the sofa with Nana to eat it!

Only at Nana's house could you eat a cookie on the sofa AND blow a whistle as loud as you want indoors :)

Pop was put to work opening up Play-doh after Libi gave him a complete makeover.

One final book before it was time for nap.

Poor thing couldn't even make it home-- she conked out in the car! This made my life very complicated because it is no easy feat to carry her upstairs to her room. My difficulty was further compounded by the fact that I forgot her shoes were full of sand from the park. After I laid her in her bed I took her shoes off to have buckets of sand go everywhere!!! Libi woke up and said to me, "That's a lot of sand!" Thanks babe :)

In the evening we met up with the family at a local Mexican food joint that we've been wanting to try for years!

It was Cris' birthday today, so there was lots to celebrate!

The food was amazing AND they give you a free shot on your Birthday (Cris was a fan!)

Once we got home lots of silliness ensued! Grampy and Libi both wore the pink wig for a bit.

Grammy got lots of nice gifts...

including a photo frame that Ron put together of pics from Santa Cruz.

Violet and I were absent from the frame so we have decided to blow this photo up to poster size for Cris to put over the mantle :)

Andrea made a funfetti cake that was darling.... and yummy!!!

Grammy asked for help blowing out her candles and Libs volunteered!!!

1, 2, 3 BLOW!

We all love cake and ice cream.

We hope you had a wonderful day Cris/Mom/Grammy!

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