Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Libi's 48th trip to Disneyland

After 48 trips to the Park Libi was finally ready to go on...

Big Thunder Mountain!!!!

Yep!! Today it was time for Libi's first real roller coaster!

Before we got on we practiced the screaming we were going to do on the ride (she has been practicing this for weeks!!!)

Here we are.. all ready to go!!

I was too busy video taping this monumental occasion so I didn't get any photos. You are seeing screen captures from our video.Her faces were priceless!!Her grip on Ron was strong!At times I thought this was a really bad idea...

but then there were glimpses of smiles when she realized that it was fun!!

Today was a day for all of Libi's requests... next up:

Alice in Wonderland! Her face still looks like she's worried that this ride is going to be as fast at BTM. Poor thing, I think we traumatized her.

Quite the poser these days Libi let us take her picture with the White Rabbit's statue.

Waiting to see Tink Libs was so excited to see some ducks resting in the bushes.

It was a little warm at the park today, but the crowds were light!! Usually for the 8th grade trip both the weather and the crowds are unbearable so we considered ourselves very fortunate!

Libi was so happy to see her fairy friends again...

even though she's a princess, she still enjoys Miss Tinkerbell.

For lunch we spent some time with Chef Oscar. Libs loved their build your own PB&J!!

We didn't get to see many characters, but we did get to say "Hi!" to Minnie!

We found another family of three enjoying a day at Disneyland. We saw lots of baby ducks today and some really funky looking teenage ducks (half feathers/half fuzz= one ugly duckling!!)

Libs took a nice nap beginning on the train and ending where they used to load the motor boats (which is a nice quiet place if you need a park time out.)

As soon as she woke up her first request was for Captain EO.

Ron and I are both so amazed at how much she LOVES this show!! She talks about it non-stop at home and whenever she hears a Michael Jackson song she remarks, "It's Captain EO!"

After EO we headed to New Orleans Square.

For dinner we went to our favorite place, Cafe Orleans!

Libs ate her dinner like a champ so we promised her beignets. While we were waiting for them to arrive, she and Daddy got really silly!!

I got lots of great photos!

Libi was praying that she would like the beignets!!

When they arrived that we noticed that they were shaped like Mickey-- an added bonus!

After waiting a long time to try this Princess and the Frog treat it was very well received by all of us!

We had promised Libs that we could watch the fireworks tonight (a very rare treat since we are usually home and in bed by 9:30.)

Ron and Libi went to do a few more rides while I reserved a front row seat for viewing.

What's a Mom to do while sitting and waiting---- take photos of the castle in varying light :)

While waiting our family takes photos (if you hadn't already figured that out!) Some serious...

some silly!

Daddy had to leave to corral all 500 Rio Norte kids so Libs and I watched the show alone!

Please forgive the next few photos-- but we so rarely see the fireworks and I got some nice shots this time!

When I was a kid we never had shaped fireworks-- aahh the joys of technology :)

They are projecting stuff on the castle more and more with their shows-- something you don't see unless you are stationed in the right spot.


A heart firework...

and the Mouse himself!!

What a fun day at the happiest place on Earth!

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