Thursday, June 17, 2010

For a good cause!

Ron has been great this week, offering to drive Libs to school in the morning.

This doesn't mean that I'm sleeping in.... just that I don't have to be dressed and ready before Libs in the morning :) This makes for one happy wife!

Ron and I have both been doing pick-up in the afternoons along with Amy and Emma (it's so nice to see them more than once in a blue moon.)

Libi is still holding her own in the Hootin' Owl class. We feel so blessed that she gets to learn from Miss Carol-- we just LOVE her!!!

In the evening we went to Scooter's Jungle to bounce for a bit.

It's not my favorite spot.... but Libi loves it!

It was all for a good cause though as we helped our friends on Team Safe at Second raise money for their three-day breast cancer walk.

Libi surprised us tonight by climbing up the big slide all by herself!

She is getting braver by the second!

She did come down a bit too fast and it started her, but despite her flip she wanted to do it again.... and again.... and again!

The boys were a bit impatient with Libi's speed on the way up...

so Daddy had to go behind her to block them from pushing her down (a second time.)

Not only is he a protective Daddy, but he's lots of fun too!!!

We got to see lots of our Skipper friends like Paige.

Libi tried the zip-line for the first time. She didn't understand how it worked at first (as evidenced by the fact that she let go of the bar as soon as it began to move) but when the worker let her try it again she really enjoyed it.

Libi shows her dad's enthusiasm for ping pong, but not his skill level :)

Wait a minute... was Daddy doing the slide alone???

Libs is almost too big for this car, which makes me so sad! It was all she wanted to do last year when we went.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends with kids Libi's age!

Here was another first Libi tried tonight-- stilt feet.

One final slide...

before we headed home...

to get ready for more fun tomorrow!

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