Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Camera Day!!!

Yes, there is a special day dedicated just to my favorite possession (don't tell my iPhone!)

Stacy Julian (one of my scrapbook gurus) encouraged me to take photos of my camera today.

I absolutely love my cameras and I can't imagine being without one of them! It is my favorite tool for recording our life as a family and Libi's childhood.

On this holiday I don't feel ashamed to tell you that since February I've taken 20,000 pictures. Yes, I love my camera..... A LOT!!!!

All three of us made our way down to Nana and Pop's for lunch.

Libi was super excited to find a present waiting for her of some new clothes. The fruit panties were a special hit!

She was so excited to receive this gift and it makes me so happy! She is so grateful for the gifts she receives which I think is rare for a three-year-old.

Daddy spent most of the afternoon helping Pop set-up his new computer. The huge up-side was the bubble wrap that Libs got to pop....

and the box she got to hide in.

One moment she was there...

and the next she was gone!

Pop tried to take her out to the trash... Silly Pop!!

I was dressed in the bubble wrap...

some of it was popped...

and Libi used it as dressing up material as well.

"Mommy look at my style!"

There was more art after lunch! We love our weekly visits and can't wait for them to resume after our trip to Stockton.

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Stace&Lis said...

Alright, Heather, level with us, your loyal followers. What's the camera's pet name?

Also, love the new look of the blog!