Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to December!

Today it was back to school after a week off.

Libi wasn't too sure she wanted to go today, but she seemed to have a good day. She used the potty no less than 5 times and stayed dry all day. She was a little trouble-maker today though. She got into trouble for swinging her sweater around and hitting her friends. So much for getting a treat for staying dry today.

They wrote letters to Santa today-- I can't wait to see what Libi asked for!

We set up 3 advent calendars to count down to Christmas. The first was our magnet one-- which I just love! Libi matched up the number one on the back of the magnet with the 1 next to the door.

Mommy pulled the tab on our Mickey Mouse paper calendar, then Libi got to open her first drawer.

Mommy and Daddy came up with 24 different family activities for us to do that are written on papers in the drawers.

You should have seen the excitement on her face as Daddy read the paper.

Our first surprise for Libs was a basket full of wrapped Christmas books.

Every night before bedtime Libi gets to unwrap a book for Daddy to read to her.

She also broke out a new pair of Christmas PJ's from Jammy and Granpa.

Tobee is also excited about the holidays!

However, Tobee is still not excited about sleeping with her little sister.

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