Friday, December 18, 2009

Disneyland is the best place to Celebrate Daddy's vacation

As soon as Daddy managed to get out of school we headed out to the happiest place on Earth!

Daddy was thrilled that Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln re-opened earlier in the day (he even wore his Lincoln t-shirt!)

Libi enjoyed exploring the lobby before the show...

she even posed with Daddy and Lincoln. We weren't sure how she would do in the actual show, but she was super attentive. She kept telling Ron every time Lincoln was on the screen and she was glued when the animatronic Lincoln came out. It was a great show and we are really glad it is finally re-opened!

Next it was off to Pixie Hollow.

The line was long, but Libi was most insistent on seeing Tink and Terrance so we waited.

Fawn was the first to greet us,

then we got to chat with Libi's two favorites. Today she was quite chatty with all of the characters she met. She showed these two her snowman shirt and her fuzzy hat.

(Sorry this video begins sideways, but I forgot I was video taping.) Libi and Daddy went into the Jack shop before dinner and Libi was drawn to a new Mickey Mouse hat...

a Jack Mickey Mouse hat. She even convinced Daddy to get a Jack stocking cap to match hers. What did Mommy get you ask???? A Jack pin :( I guess I didn't merit a hat.

While we waited for our fast passes to Haunted Mansion Holiday we went on the Pooh ride.

Libi was so excited to get to see Jack, she didn't even mind waiting in the line. (We were too impatient to wait another 20 minutes for our Fast Passes to activate.) She just loved seeing Jack, Oogie Boogie, Sally and all of our other Nightmare Before Christmas friends. It is too funny to me that a little girl who's not quite 3 would find this Tim Burton film so enjoyable, but to each his own.

Libi's next request was to see Mickey Mouse.

She had a little trouble waiting in line-- she got stuck on the instrument machine that is on the way to the movie barn. Poor Libs, we had to take a picture before we rescued her.

Ron got this priceless expression after I helped her onto the seat-- she's such a ham!

We were the first in to see Mickey, but that didn't stop Libi from having a very long conversation with him. First she talked about how her nose was different from his nose. He also remarked on her ears-- I think Mickey is a fan of Jack too!

After a quick picture it was on to more conversation....

luckily Ron was filming!

We wanted to go on Small World after seeing Mickey, but they completely shut down this end of the park an hour before the fireworks. While Ron and Libi went on Alice in Wonderland, I saved a great spot for the fireworks right in front of Small World.

Libi was getting tired, so she sat until the show started.

This was the view that we had right in front of us--- not too shabby, eh??

I'm getting much better at taking low-light and firework shots...

perhaps if I read the camera manual I'd do even better.

When the snow began Ron had to move her over (we were behind a light post where the snow came from.)

This part always makes me cry!

Libi loved it!!!

Afterwards we were first in line to go on Small World.

Libi was most excited!

We were in the second row with really short people in front of us, so I was able to get some really good shots.

I just noticed Santa flying in the North America area-- super cute!

The finale area has never looked better.

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!"

One final picture....

before the ride is over.

As we walked towards the front of the park poor Libs fell asleep. We didn't realize that it was after 11 p.m.

The park was so crowded that they had to shut it down (it was the final day for SoCal passes.) Why do we keep accidentally going on these mega crowded days??? This was the site we saw as we were walking to our car-- luckily it didn't take too long to navigate through.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday pictures from Disneyland. We haven't made it there this season and I am UPSET about that - life is just too hectic! Love the picture of your husband and Libi after the snow falling...too precious!