Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The adventures of Chef Libi...

Much to my delight Libi loves all things having to do with cooking!!

Jammy gave her this cooking ensemble for her birthday, but it has been sitting in the box ever since. Today we broke it out of the box and Libi insisted on wearing the whole thing (oven mitt and all) the entire day!

She then spent much of the morning cooking up things to bring to me to taste. It is my not-so-secret wish that Libi becomes a world-famous chef-- perhaps because I would have loved to go to culinary school myself. I hope that she continues to want to work with me in the kitchen as we have so much fun together.

In the evening we were off to Skipper Club where it was sports night.

The best I could do for Libi was a UCLA t-shirt and a baseball hat (which was too big and kept falling off her.) We don't really root for many sports teams in our home, so this is always hard to find an outfit for.

The kids were in rare form today-- could be that we haven't seen them for two weeks. Hopefully they were absorbing what I was saying by osmosis, because they certainly weren't listening to me.

The difference between last year and this year for Libi is extra-ordinary! She is focused on coloring or crafts, she listens and follows directions better, and she really tries to help her fellow Skippers.

Afterwards we decided to try a new place for dinner that one of my favorite bloggers in the universe liked. Lady Ducayne is a local gal who reviews mostly Santa Clarita restaurants, but she sometimes ventures into other locals. She is honest and fun to read, she loves photography and good food, she is a teacher, and I think we could be good friends. Thus far, she hasn't led us astray in trying new places to eat in our own backyard.

Tonight we went to Fish Tail Seafood Market and Grill next to the Chipotle on Newhall Ranch Road. Libi got had her first fish and chips here-- it was AMAZING!!! I will order this next time. Ron and I ate the salmon platters which had way too much wonderful food. The owner was trying a new appetizer of steamed mussles in a bruschetta-type broth which he sent to our table gratis. Ron and I aren't really fans of mussles, but we had to try it and we were both floored-- it was so yummy!!!

Our family activity for Advent today was light looking on our way home. This is up on Angelica (where Hugo, Ann-Marie and Bridget will be moving soon). We loved seeing all the homes before all of the crowds got too bad.

While I admire all the work that goes into this, I would rather keep most of the decor on the inside of my home.

BUT, this is what I would like on our home next year-- hint, hint honey :)

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Lady Ducayne said...

Wow, thanks so much for the lovely mention! I'm glad you liked Fish Tail so much! :-)