Sunday, December 27, 2009

One final holiday party...

On Sunday night we hosted another Limon gathering so we could see everyone one last time. The big hit of the party (besides the baked potato bar which was divine) was Wii in the garage. I think every family member got in on the action at one point or another.

We also took a few moments to celebrate Ann-Marie's birthday with some yummy desserts.

Grampy had his hands full being the tickle monster to two very active girls.

More family portraits were taken today: Cameron and Caitlin,

Arthur and his boys: Travis, Logan, and Cameron,

Jose, Anne, Amanda and Jacob (Jordan had to work)

Christina, Travis, Logan, Mara and Arthur,

the next-to-be-married Christina and Travis,

Hugo, Ann-Marie and Bridget,

Andrea, Ron, Cris, and Ron

Andrea and Violet,

and the hosts!

After most of the folks left we adjourned to the garage to watch Libi Wii bowl for the first time. She was really good at it and even managed a few strikes! One of which Ron posted to YouTube. Click here to see all of our excitement!!

After each successful turn Libi gave me and Bridget big hugs-- gotta love our little girl!!!

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