Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little bit of michief!

As we get closer to Christmas, kids everywhere begin to get a bit crazy and Miss Libs is no exception.

Thank goodness we have lots of outlets for her to get those oogies out. One of my favorites is preschool :)

She looks sweet and innocent and helpful, but....

the moment she thought nobody was looking she decided to climb up to the power lines next to the school. I'm reasonable certain this is a no-no with the teachers to touch these cables, but that didn't stop Lou!

When she realized she couldn't get too far up the wires she was off....

to make some mischief with her friends.

Luckily her mischievous nature doesn't get her into too much trouble as it's pretty tame. I think she will be a goody-two-shoes like her Daddy and I were!

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