Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Santa-filled Saturday

Today was Libi's first preschool Christmas performance. We have been coming for years to watch the show, but it was so different having someone in the show.

Libi was just the cutest little angel and she took her part in the program very seriously! She sang every song, was quiet when she was supposed to be, and even tried to help her friends.

All of the kids were great, although some of the Monkey's had to leave the stage because they were crying.

My daughter-- not a tear, not a whimper, just lots of shy smiles to Daddy, Grammy, Grampy and I who were seated right in her line of sight.

She was on fire with all of the hand motions and words to the songs-- she makes her Mommy proud!! I can see choir in her future :)

She did seem a bit tired during the show-- giving a good performance takes a lot out of you :)

Ben was also a star in the show (what a difference a year makes!) This year he was selected to be a shepherd and he was amazing!!

Libi watched him in rapt attention as he watched over baby Jesus in the manger.

Then it was time for a very special guest....

Santa!!! Libi was a trooper and sat on his lap for a bit.

Grammy and Grampy even told him what they wanted for Christmas...

as did Ron and I!

After the show Libi got a quick picture with Miss Caroline and Miss Tasha.

We are so thankful for all of the Little People Staff!

After a lunch with Grammy and Grampy where Libi's behaviour was less than stellar and a nap it was off to attend our Advent activity for today....

pictures with Santa and our MOPS friends.

Libi was a bit hesitant of this Santa-- despite that fact that she met him last year and earlier this year at the Festival of Trees. I think it's because he looks so much like the real Santa and it's a bit intimidating.

Before her photo, Libi colored with some friends.

Before the actual photographer arrived (yes, it was ANOTHER problem with this event) I took some impromptu photos.

While her smile is a bit cheesy, I love this shot-- so full of wonder!

Libi told Santa that she wanted a dolly and a racing car-- he commented that she really ran the gamut on this request.

Despite all of the bumps of yesterday and today, on our way to Libi's program we saw a rainbow-- a full-on, entire rainbow!!! Sadly, my camera was in the back so there aren't any photos of it, but I will never forget the excitement on Libi's face when we saw it!

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