Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve festivities...

We began the day with some very special visitors. Jammy and Granpa made the drive down to our house and arrived around 11 a.m. Then we were blessed to have Meme and Pop Pop over for a holiday visit.

They brought Libi, Ron and I some very sweet Christmas gifts... One of which Libi broke out as soon as they were gone-- a super neat animal card game that she played with Jammy.

Jammy, Libi and Mommy headed to St. Stephen's family services where Libi helped to pass baby Jesus to the creche.

I love this service because it is all geared to the kiddos! The children were able to process in with the acolytes and clergy, they sang at the front of the church and the Gospel was a slide show with the Sunday school kids. Despite the fact that Libi didn't know any of the songs, she was always center stage (wonder where she gets that??)

She finally crashed on the way to Nana and Pop's house-- all attempts for an early afternoon nap were for naught because she was so excited!!

Even getting her out of the car didn't wake her up, so I snuggled with her while we all chatted.

When she finally woke up she found her first Christmas gift from Nana and Pop-- a really cool car set (which Daddy and Granpa played with before we arrived.)

Our Christmas Eve tradition is simple: the men cook while the women rest! I love our family!!!

This is the main course-- yummy crepes served with jam or syrup, sausages, and fruit!

After we stuffed ourselves it was on to gifts. Libi was the official present opener this year. It didn't matter if her name was on the tag or not, she was going to "help" you open it.

Libi gave Nana and Pop some very special photo gifts, which I was afraid she wouldn't want to leave at their house.

The difference a year makes-- she was quite adept this time around at getting all of the wrapping opened and the items out of boxes or what not.

She is also a very gracious opener as she wanted to try on or play with everything as soon as she opened it up (not the hat Nana made for her.)

Her grand finale gift was a really darling easel which she began making art on right away!

Not only did Libs unwrap gifts, she also decorated Jammy with some of the ribbons from her packages-- very festive!

One of her favorite holiday decorations at their home are these baskets that are supposed to be for Christmas cards. Libi dumps out the cards and fills them with anything that isn't nailed down.

Libi is super thrilled to have Jammy and Granpa is town for Christmas and she is loving on them every chance she gets.

All of the Ippolito's wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Now it's time to pack up the car...

head home to leave cookies for Santa,

assemble a few gifts...

and get everything under the tree.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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