Thursday, December 3, 2009

Preschool, haircut and a movie...

Today when I got to preschool I found Madison and Ben waiting against the fence for Rosa where I always find them. However, today they had a few friends to wait with them-- so sweet.

After they left, Libi did some more running before it was time to leave.

She also enjoyed twirling around the basketball hoop a few times. We have both begun wearing our holiday outfits-- I hope Libi will have enough for all 25 days leading up to Christmas.

Next it was off to Cassie's for a much-needed hair cut for Libi (I got my hair done while she was at school.)

She is such a trooper about it! I hate it because it makes her look like such a big girl and I'm not ready for her to be too big yet.

She did so well listening to Cassie and not being too squirmy.

We both look much better-- and we can see with our shorter bangs.

Day 3 of Advent found us having a family movie night. To make it very festive I baked cookies and we turned off all the lights except for our little tree in the family room.

Libi chose Mickey's Christmas Carol for our movie and we all settled in for some quiet family time.

We are really enjoying our activity a day-- let's hope that we keep it up until Christmas Eve :)

After the movie there was some time to play and ride Eeyore before bed.

Potty training update-- we are doing REALLY well!!! Libi hasn't had any accidents at school, in public, or at home (except for one yesterday which really wasn't her fault!) She is using the bathroom both in public and at home by herself completely. School even commented that when she needs to go, she just takes off and goes-- I do wish she would tell them first, but at this early stage I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

They wrote letters to Santa at school the other day so I asked Libi what she asked Santa for. Her reply was, "A dolly and a racing car!" She also thinks that Mommy wants a horsey and Daddy should get a dinosaur.

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