Wednesday, December 23, 2009

15 outfits in one day make for a very tired Mommy!

Why so many you ask? Today we did our photo shoot for our annual grandpa gifts. (Yes, I know that we are quite late, but I had the calendars done less the photos.)

I can't show you the darling photos we got because Granpa and Grampy haven't received their gifts, but I will show you some of the prep it took.

I don't know how they get kids to pose in ads because getting a two year old to bend to your will for photos is next to impossible.

Libs did very well through 12 costume and prop changes, but by the end she was fried-- and so were we!!!

After nap Libi once again showed her outrageous fashion sense-- high heels, nap time panty (aka a Pull Up), necklaces, bracelet, and a floppy hat. Stunning!!! This is why Mommy still picks out all of her clothes.

We met up with the Strassner's for a gift exchange. Libi was so excited to open up her gift! She received Chutes and Ladders and a play mixer. Thanks so much Amy and Howard for helping to foster Libi's love of all things cooking-- here's hoping she'll be a Top Chef :)

Daddy convinced Libi to sit with me for a quick photo. I love these because it's not too often that I'm in front of the camera :)

Libi really enjoyed "helping" Ben and Emma with their toys. Poor Ben had to endure Libi "helping" him build his Legos. She also really wanted to scrapbook with Emma-- only a few more years and then you can help Mommy :)

When we got home she wanted to play Chutes and Ladders right away!

Who will play with me???

Grammy to the rescue! I took this time to finish wrapping upstairs and Ron was working on our Christmas CD. Sorry to those of you who don't have our cards yet, but the CD's took longer than expected this year. They will be mailed tomorrow so you'll get them on the 26th!

The excitement around here is building! Not only is Christmas Eve tomorrow, but we get to see lots of our favorite people tomorrow: Meme and Pop Pop, Jammy and Granpa, and Nana and Pop. Hopefully we will all be able to sleep tonight because it's a really big day tomorrow!

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