Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aahhh Memories,

Today when I went to pick Libi up from school I found this art project that she had made.

I recognize the doll house, but all the rest of the stuff look too old for her. This reminds me of looking through the Toys R Us catalog and writing to Santa to tell him what I want.

When I went to get Libi I found her rolling a ball down the slide-- fun to watch, but I'm sure it's against the rules.

Libi was a mess after school today. Her pants were full of pasta, her shirt had white paint on it, and her hair fell out of her clip-- at least she had fun and behaved herself!

In the evening we were treated to VIP tickets to the Valencia Choir concert by the Schmidt family.

We had the best seats in the house-- front row at the end of the row so it was easy to get in and out.

We all had a good time because we knew so many of the kids! It was great to watch them get off the risers, see Ron and have their faces light up! I love that so many kids really enjoyed having him as their teacher.

Libi was just memorized by the singing...

until the food came out-- then she divided her time between munching and watching.

When the jazz kids got up to sing Libi decided to dance along. It was perfect that we were on the end of the row-- it gave her a chance to shake her little booty!

When the kids came down off the stage she would say, "Thank you for singing!" After the show we really got to thank Steven and Christian-- two of Ron's former students.

Thank you again Schmidt family for a wonderful evening!

Libi was especially thankful for the desserts (including her first cannoli ever!)

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