Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas part 3

To kick off the day after Christmas Mom and I headed to our traditional sale at Hallmark. We got some great things for next year, so it was a huge success!

We decided to try out our Target to see if: 1) anything was left 2) it was crowded. There was lots left and there weren't too many folks in there picking through everything, so we went in. I found some stocking stuffers for next year and my end-of-the-year gift for Libi's teacher. Total score!!!

After lots of playing with new toys and a nap we went to Nana and Pop's house for our official Christmas dinner.

We had an amazing prime rib dinner and Libi ran,

and ran all through the house!

We did manage to get some family portraits here before we left-- Nana didn't even complain about it :)

Love this one of Libi and her grandparents-- there is such love here!

Back at home we introduced Granpa to Wii golf...

I think Libi was his biggest handicap!

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