Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our final super-busy Wednesday of the year!!

This morning we headed to Valencia for our final music class of the year.

Libs is getting much braver on the wedge-- jumping off and then clapping at her achievement. Aunt Janice and I were cracking up at her antics!

We did Daddy's favorite activity-- scarves :)

Another chance to get oogies out!!

We pretended to make latkes. Libi took EVERY bowl she could get her hands on-- all of the Food Network we watch has rubbed off on her.

One final instrument free-play. I have decided that we will try an art class in January and then Libi will be deciding what extra-curricular activity she wants: music, dance or art. She is most opinionated so I know she will tell me what she wants to do!

In place of bubbles today we made snowflakes dance by shining flash lights on the ceiling and floor.

Finally a December music class tradition-- doing the Reindeer-Pokey (a Christmas themed Hokey Pokey!)

Hailey and Libi both looked so sweet in their antlers....

so did Janice and I :)

Libi is really getting into gift giving-- although she likes to help unwrap every gift she gives.

Then it was off to Nana and Pop's house for yummy sandwiches.

Libi tried to put every toy Nana and Pop have for her in one Christmas basket. She then toted it all over the room-- she's very strong!

Libi asked to take some pictures at Nana and Pop's and who am I to discourage her when she sees me taking dozens of pictures each day?

While this isn't the best photo-- she had her finger over part of the flash, it's not centered, and I'm reasonably certain Nana will dis-own me after she sees it-- I love this photo! Nana, who has NEVER been a fan of the camera, graciously lets Libi take her photo over and over and over. It just goes to show that a great-grandchild can get away with just about anything :)

After nap it was off to our final Skipper Club meeting of 2009.

Libi was so proud to earn two more patches. Her shirt is only four patches away from being full.

We had a birthday party for Jesus in our room. Each kid got a cupcake with a candle which they pretended to blow out-- we opted not to light them with a room full of 2 and 3 year olds.

Before we ran out of there, Libi had to dance with everyone at the big awards ceremony. She's getting some serious air :)

Notice how she fits right in with the Scooter (the 4 and 5 year olds). Sometimes I feel like I gave birth to a giant-- she's so tall!

Our Advent activity was actually a last minute thing-- we met up with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet for dinner at Soup Plantation.

Libs had such fun hanging out with her aunts and eating a whole tray full of yummy veggies. It was hilarious to watch her on the buffet line asking Ron to place EVERY veggie on her tray. She tried some new things like beets and chickpeas and wasn't a huge fan, but she did eat a ton of salad, cucumbers, and her most favorite thing of all---- pickles!!! She is so not my daughter!

OK, why has it taken us so long to go to our Soup Plantation??? They had a huge salad bar, yummy baked goods, and.... wait for it....... a baked potato bar!!!!!! My favorite food item of all time-- a potato-- with all the fixin's. I know we will be back soon.

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