Sunday, December 6, 2009

DWP Light Festival

Our Advent celebration today brought us to the DWP Light Festival in Griffith Park.

The displays are always such fun to see!

Libi was thrilled to be there even though the weather was a bit brisk.

She was even more excited when our special guest arrived....

Aunt Andrea joined us for the event.

It's always a challenge to get good pictures here, but we did our best!

Libi walked the whole thing one way-- she rode the way back.

Ron very patiently waited to get this cool picture of the planes taking off from LAX.

This is my favorite display-- Griffith Observatory.

Libi's quirk for the night-- walking on the curb like it was a balance beam. She has never really done this before so it was quite fun to watch.

Don't we all look cozy in our hats and gloves? It was a nice chilly night so we got to use our winter finery.

Libi and I posed with my second favorite display-- the dinosaurs.

After we walked one way we saw the entry sign-- you see when cars drive the course they enter from this side. We park at the zoo and walk it backwards first then the correct way on our way to the car.

We tried to get Libi to pose with the sign, but she didn't get it. I just snapped this picture because she looked like a little model.

We did a quick family portrait...

before Libs gave up walking and asked for some milk for the ride back.

Libi also had the.... pleasure..... of using her first porta-potty. Ron helped with the logistics and Aunt Andrea shone our flashlight in there so they could see what they were doing. Being the good Mom and scrapbooker-- I stood outside and took photos of the whole event.

I also took this photo of one of the larger displays. How lucky I was that I didn't have to brave the germs of the porta potty :) Thanks Ron!

It was so nice to spend the evening with Aunt Andrea-- we miss her!

On our way home we stopped at Outback for dinner and then Krispy Kreme for dessert.

It was Libi's first visit to this amazing doughnut establishment.

She enjoyed watching the conver belt full of yummy goodness.

One of the employees gave her a hat and a doughnut to try which she devoured!

What a fun Sunday!! Thanks Daddy for taking us out.

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