Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Off to Stockton...

After a lazy morning we loaded the whole gang in the Vue and headed for parts north.

It is a bit different driving with a gal who needs to potty at a moments notice so we took the 99 which has WAY more places to stop then the 5!!

We made one of our stops Bravo Farms where they have a little person-sized toilet, a mechanical horsey to ride, and goats to feed.

Happily there were no accidents on the drive and we all made it in one piece to Jammy and Granpa's house.

Once we got there Lib had lots of hugs and cuddles for her grandparents....
and a little mischief!See the little arm making the pinwheel dance over Granpa's head??? I guess we all had oogies to get out after a 5+ hour drive.

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