Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Several firsts for Libi...

This morning we were lucky enough to get invited by Casey (one of Ron's former students) to meet up with him at his job at DreamWorks studios in Redwood City. We took it as the perfect opportunity to take Libi on her first visit to San Francisco!!!

We had such fun having lunch in the commissary with Casey and catching up on all his adventures.

He gave us quite an informative tour (considering our knowledge of DreamWorks movies is very slim!-- what can I say, we are a Disney house!!) Thanks so much Casey for a fun outing!!

Then it was off to Frisco for the rest of the day! This huge blimp was all over the city today-- we couldn't tell if it was military or not, but it was HUGE!!!

Libi took 2 twenty minute naps in the car, but was walking around like a champ all day!

Our first city stop was in the Presidio.

We were so fortunate that it was a gorgeous day without fog so we got some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The thing I most wanted to see was the Walt Disney family museum...

Libi and I were both excited, but the wait was two hours to get in so we had to shine it for now. Next time I will know that you need reservations to get in and we will do it correctly!!!

After a little difficulty getting where we wanted (we almost ended up on the bridge)....

we arrived at the Exploratoreum!

Libs was thrilled to be able to touch everything...

(getting wet didn't hurt either!)

She found lots to entertain herself with....

and so did Ron :)

Libi really wanted to blow huge bubbles, but it wasn't meant to be this time. Perhaps the Easter Bunny will bring some big bubble items?

This exhibit made my eyes hurt, but it was fascinating to watch! The yellowish light negates all color until you shine the flashlight on the color chart and then you can see red, blue, green, etc. again. Isn't science cool???

Ron found several exhibits fascinating-- I didn't have time to read much as I was chasing after a certain panda girl who wanted her hands on everything!

One of the must-do photos at the museum are the big and little chairs-- very funny!

Daddy helped Libi mutate her face-- she just wanted to see herself on the computer!

There were lots of buttons to push and neat things to see.

My favorite was this shadow wall...

Libi could have danced in front of here forever!!

We all stopped to build some tangrams...

and Libi was really a good builder!

One final stop in the museum, then we were off to....

Fisherman's Wharf for dinner!

We had plans to eat at some of the places we've heard about on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives or Bravo, but we were starving so we stopped at:

the Boudin bakery. Their clam chowder wasn't very good, but the crab cake was to die for! Libi enjoyed pizza and Ron had a yummy mushroom risotto!

After a short drive it was off for dessert at Ghirardelli. Ron had to Tweet about it to make all of his followers jealous :)

Libs had a chocolate covered strawberry and Ron and I enjoyed hot fudge sundaes...

can you say "Yum!!!" Libi even managed to get some of our ice cream.

While we were waiting to head back to the car Libs decided to arrange chairs to make her very own "ride" which she invited Ron to ride with her. She has such a great imagination!!

Libs insisted on one final photo before we hit the road-- she makes her scrapbooking mama very proud!!!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Ohh, I'm so jealous!! I am dying to go to San Franciso...if for nothing else, to go to Ghiradelli!!! What a fun trip!