Monday, December 28, 2009

One cute rocker chick!!!

Tonight Aunt Andrea came over to watch Libi while Daddy was out with his CADA camp friends and I went out to meet a friend for coffee.

In honor of her rock n' roll aunt coming over Libi proudly wore her Pink Floyd t-shirt (which Andrea gave her for Christmas.)

Mommy decided to complete the rocker theme by giving Libi the cutest little mohawk you've ever seen!!!

Libi wasn't too sure of her rock and roll hair, as Mommy called it...

but she realized that she looked cute, so it was OK!

I tried to get it from lots of different angles so you could see my hair masterpiece, but it didn't photograph too well.

I was impressed that we both had the patience to see this do through :)

Libs found her tambourine to be quite rockin' with her new hair!

I'm glad I got all these photos because...

once she started playing it all came out (kinda like all of her toys that are everywhere on the floor.)

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