Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bob Baker Holiday Spectacular...

For the third year in a row we attended the Bob Baker show with our MOPS friends.

The show was really crowded, but we had a nice little section all to ourselves.

Libi was such an attentive audience member-- it didn't hurt anything that she was feeling a bit under the weather.

This was a new show that we hadn't seen before and the puppets were amazing, although Libi was upset that Pinocchio wasn't among them.

My favorites were these two who performed Dolly Parton's "I'll be home with bells on."

I was also inspired by these trees-- I think I see something crafty coming from them.

The marionette who wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas sat next to Libi-- very exciting!

She loves being part of the show!

She really wanted to say "Hi" to this guy...

but I thought his friend was cuter!

The Santa and Mrs. Claus were simply darling!

They weren't as cute as all of our Moppets posing after the show!

Some of the kids were better at taking direction then others.

The ice cream after is always a big hit!!

We posed for some family shots afterwards...

you can see how blustery it was (and how cute Ron looks in Libi's headband!)

We had plans to go to Disneyland but due to Libi's runny nose and the fact that it was probably going to be very crowded, we just went home.

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