Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's the simple things...

Today at the MOPS meeting we had a special singing guest. Baby Kendal got to go on-stage with the puppets. She is a lot like Libi in that she was quite fond of the microphone.

Daddy got out of work early to go with me to grab Libi-- she was so happy to see him!

As another special treat we had lunch at Panera Bread-- which was super yummy!!

During nap time Daddy took this photo of a bunny in our yard. Just a little reminder that in these hectic times it is important to notice the little things around us.

In the evening our Advent activity was recording the intros for our Christmas CD.

Yes, it's that time of year-- the Ippolito's are recording their annual holiday CD.

This is the first year that Libi is really doing intros on the CD and she simply loves getting to talk into the mic. We need to just get her to talk a bit more quietly-- some of you might want to have the volume low for some of her intros!

My little chef has been cooking up a storm lately. Today she brought me soup, cake, and coffee-- I love that she's cooking, I just wish she'd clean when she's done :)

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