Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A super-de-duper busy day

Today we had so many things on our plate: music class, Nana and Pop's, Skipper Club, and our Advent activity.

Libi took to music class like a little fishy-- it is as if no time has passed since our last session 4 months ago.

We were surprised and delighted to have Aunt Janice and Hailey in our class.

Libi's favorite part of class today was being turned into a human dreidle and being spun on the parachute.

Libi's getting much better at bubbles-- today she only ingested a few.

I just love Libi and Hailey's intense concentration on their bubbles-- I bet you didn't know it was so challenging to blow a bubble.

Next it was off to lunch at Nana and Pop's house where Nana had all of her Christmas splendor on display.

Nana got a new toy for Libi to play with, a snow blowing, musical, light up toy. Thank goodness it is living at their house.

Libi showed Nana and Pop her song from pre-school. She did "Red, White and Blue" complete with hand motions.

Libi insisted on a picture with Pop-- they were both matching so it was quite fortuitous.

Libi wanted to ride her bike, but she had taken her shoes off. I told her that she couldn't ride the bike without her shoes and socks, she disappeared for a bit then returned with her shoes and socks on. I was floored-- she had never done this before. They were on the correct foot and everything! I'm super impressed.

Nana had some Santa coasters which sparked a conversation about Mr. Claus which was quite fun to watch.

Before we left Nana drew a holiday picture for Libi...

I stole it to frame it for her room. I just love Nana's drawings! I wish she would make more of them.

After nap it was off to Skipper Club.

This photo shows why every Mom comments on Libi. Notice that every other child is dancing and singing, but my child is emoting!!! She simply loves to sing and dance.

It was a really small group of kids today, which was super nice for Lynnette, Ron and myself.

For our Advent activity we were supposed to ride the carousel, but it was closed so we went to the mall playground.

Libs thoroughly enjoyed herself and she even found a little girl to play with.

Pei Wei was our final stop for dinner. Libi really enjoyed her fortune cookie and she decided that Daddy needed to give her some of his.

This led to quite a discussion about how to best ask for something you really want. It went something like this:

L: Cookie Daddy!
R: If you really want something you need to look Daddy in the eyes.
L: (Pointing to her eyes)
R: Then you smile as big as you can.
L: (Cue cheesiest smile possible)
R: Then you ask Daddy can I please have some of your cookie.
L: (Still poiting at her eyes and smiling big)--- "Pleeeeeease!!!!"
R: (Handing over part of his cookie) "OK!"

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