Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre-Anniversary Dinner

Today we had a full afternoon. We began at the Pioneer Club thank you luncheon. Of course I had my camera with me the entire time, but I only pulled it out when we went to grab Libi. She had decided to take her shoes off on the playground so Lorri and Ron were trying to help her get them on.

On a kind of unrelated note, I really miss Lorri. She was my first MOPS table leader and she was so very good at it! She still calls me regularly to check up on me and sends me the most darling hand-made cards. Just love her!!!

After a nap for all three of us (four if you count Tobee) we drove to Paradise Cove Cafe. This is our yearly anniversary tradition as we went here for our rehearsal dinner in 2003.

We have been bringing Libi since she was in my belly-- while this might not seem romantic we think it's important for her to see us celebrate our marriage. We do go out on our own little dates, but it's fun to share this night with her.

When folks visit for special occasions they write on the duct-work, so here is our graffiti from six years ago. We are happy to report that it is still highly visible!

They have the best clam chowder and crusty sourdough bread-- my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Ron always enjoys their wedge salad and this year Libi did as well!

However, Libi's favorite part of the meal was the ice cream that comes with the kids meal.

Ron and I also snuck some becuase two scoops are too much for a two-year old!

Libs loved the little Christmas tree they put by our table. She talked to it quite a bit while Ron and I chatted.

After our meal we always take pictures by their giant tree-- another tradition!

Libi was more interested in the lobsters than having a photo with me, but it'll do.

To celebrate our 6th year of marriage and our Paradise Cove tradition, I thought I would share photos from the past years celebrations with you:

Our first Anniversary was also our first with Tobee-- she is so little here. These photos are from a dinner we had at Nana and Pop's house with my parents.

I can't find any photos from our second anniversary, but I'm sure that this is the year that we began going to Paradise Cove. If I find them later, I'll be sure to post them :)

Our third anniversary is where Libi makes her first "appearance." At this point we didn't know if she was going to be a boy or girl so we called her "Speck". I look really tired because at this point I'm still working and about a month away from giving birth.

4th Anniversary and the first one where we needed a high chair. I just found this little hat the other day and it made me cry-- Libi is getting too big too fast!

5th Anniversary-- This is one of the first times that Libi wore jeans-- she looked so darling!

Now we're full circle-- 6th Anniversary-- no high-chair, no diapers!

To complete the tradition, we go to Candy Cane Lane after dinner.

Libi has been obsessed with "the Jack movie" lately (Nightmare Before Christmas) and she really wanted to see a display with them, but the closest we could find was Oscar the Grouch. She did enjoy seeing her Sesame Street friends but she was hoping for Jack!

My favorite display was this house that had the entire cast of the movie "Up!"

The most creative thing I saw was this house. In place of a huge, bulky display they used plywood with Disney scenes painted on it and attached them to their fence. Super cute and very clever!

On the way home Libi serenaded us with her never-ending version of "Jingle Bells." We hope you enjoy it!

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