Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trying to catch up....

I'm so far behind-- as many of my faithful readers have pointed out-- so today will be short and sweet.

Libi has been having some bratty moments at home. Saying things like, "I don't have to" when we ask her to do something. She got in major trouble last night and didn't get a story read to her before bed. Today she was on her best behavior so she got a manicure from Mommy and a light saber battle from Dad.

Grammy came over to watch Libs while Ron and I went to the SCLP parent night.

We followed it up with a date night at Backwoods Inn. It was nice to have an evening alone-- even if it meant sitting through an hour and a half of parent information!

Date: September 1, 2010

Outside my window: It’s finally getting cooler!

I am wearing: Black pants and a purple shirt—fancy parent meeting clothes

I am going: To bed soon. We had the SCLP parent night at a mini-date at Backwoods Inn.

I am hoping: To be the SCLP PAC president this year—there is lots I want to do J

I am creating: Today I began a “Learn Something Every Day” class—it’s fun to do another daily!

I am hearing: Lots of Star Trek TNG from the TV—Ron reprogrammed the DVR to get as much as possible.

I am watching: Too much Top Chef Season 4—I wish they would release other seasons on DVD.

I am loving: Spending regular time in my studio.

On my mind: Whether or not we can swing getting Libs into kindergarten next year (providing she is ready to go.)

Pondering these words: Betsy wants to discuss teaching music again—the money would be nice, but losing my free time is not.

From the kitchen: There has been a hiatus from true cooking as we are still de-antifying our kitchen.

Around the house: Still have Easter decorations. They must come down soon or I will lose it!

One of my favorite things: That Libs is still a cuddly little thing!

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