Friday, September 10, 2010

Grandparents Day at SCLP

Today our little Hootin' Owl got to have all four of her grandparents attend Grandparents Day at SCLP.

She wore a darling owl sweater dress (and owl panties which you can't see!)

I got a few cute photos before we left for school. Some with Granpa..

and a few with Jammy!

I was the greeter for the event so I was able to get some cute pictures this year-- like this one of all of the grandparents waiting for the show to start.

Miss Carole welcomed everyone...

and then I took off. I got this shot by putting my camera over the fence and taking blind shots.

Jammy had a much better view of the goings on.

The kids did all sorts of sweet things for their grandparents: they blew them kisses, sang,

and listened to stories.

Afterward the ceremony they showed them around the school. Here Libi very solemnly shows off her cubby.

I love this bulletin board-- Libi is the one all in green on the bottom in the middle who looks like she has 80's hair.

Everyone had their picture taken-- I can't wait to get these from the school!

Most parents can only see this ceremony from the parking lot, but I was on Miss Carole's good side today so I got to watch from inside her office (after I ran to get ice.)

I was able to get some really fun shots of Libs and her classmates showing their grandparents around...

and getting snack.

They ate chocolate chip cookies that the kids made and apple juice tea (not really sure what that is, but Libi seemed to like it.)

I didn't want Libi to see me so I hid every time she looked toward the office. She did notice a camera peeking out from behind the door so she smiled. She thought it was Granpa taking pictures until she realized he was right next to her. I'm so tricky!!!

The cookies must have been good because Libs went back for seconds!

Libi loved introducing Miss Caroline, her teacher, to all her grandparents.

Before the end of the event there was some chasing...

one final grandparent photo...

and a photo with her best school friend Madison and her brother Parker.

After nap we took Libs to visit her great-grandparents.

She just had to show off her new owl purse.

She was so thrilled to see Nana and Pop again-- it has been quite a while since we were able to visit them!

She helped me make special grandparents day photo cubes for Nana, Pop, Jammy, Granpa, Grammy and Grampy.

She especially liked helping each of them unwrap their gifts.

Tonight she really loved looking at baby pictures of herself and telling Nana what she was doing in them. Of course she remembers everything from the second she was born!

We had Pop's birthday celebration a day early. It was fun to sing to him AND to eat his cookies and cream ice cream cake.

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