Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Desconso Gardens...

This morning Libi and I decided that since we weren't going to Nana and Pop's that we should have a fun girls day.

On the way to our fun girls day one of us fell asleep.

We went on our first trip to Desconso Gardens.

Libi loved the flowers!

She wanted to smell every one of them.

She's becoming quite a poser these days-- striking lots of hands on hip poses whenever she sees a camera.

In the rose garden we did an impromptu photo shoot.

I got lots of great faces,

cute ankle crosses,

pictures of really long hair,

and eyelashes that are still really long!

There were also pretty roses!

We found some purple flowers and Libi insisted on having her photo with them.

We tried for a photo of the two of us, but it didn't come out too well.

Even in the fall the gardens were a gorgeous place to be. I want to come back with a book and sit on that bench for several hours!

They have lots of ponds full of koi.

Libi was fascinated by them.

She stood on a rock next to the pond and called them, "Here fishies." They all came towards her-- I didn't have the heart to tell her that they just thought she was going to feed them.

The trees were fun to photograph as well!

We found some potato bugs in the vegetable garden which thrilled Libs no end!

They had some really amazing sunflowers.

I asked Libi to smell it and got this face...

then I got this cute shot!

One final walk through the Japanese gardens...

a quick stop in the gift shop, and we were off to lunch.

We stopped in Montrose for some yummy Italian food...

and some shopping!

I'm so happy the Paper Rabbit is still there painting darling things for little girls.

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