Saturday, September 18, 2010

Long Beach day....

We are fortunate to call many of the CADA folks dear friends.

Today we went to the gorgeous beach home of Janet in Long Beach to hang out for a bit.

Libi wasn't certain about the sand or the water at first.

Janet's husband Brian was super with Libi, showing her all of the sea life he could find.

Libi collected shells, Brian entertained Libi, and I took pictures of it all,

while Ron and Janet made plans for her upcoming campaign.

There were lots of little shells that Libi found fascinating.

They also saved some bread for her to feed to the gulls.

She didn't tear it into very small pieces...

so it didn't last long, but it was lots of fun!

After a bit she finally got into the water-- then we couldn't get her out!

Ron and I debated taking a suit and/or a change of clothes but we decided against it. When Libi put her little bottom down in the wet sand I knew that we should have made a different decision!

Here you can see her very sandy bum.

There were a million sea snails in the lagoon-- it was very cool to watch them move about,

Brian also found a sea slug for Libi to hold.

I had no idea how beautiful they were! Look at that teal stripe on his back!

We then headed to the beach side of their home.

Aunt Janet showed Libi the waves...

and then they both ran from them!

Here you can see where their house is in relation to the Queen Mary and Port of Long Beach.

I think after today we have a confirmed beach baby!!!

There were some interesting gulls who were using Long Beach as a stop on their migration.

Libi used her new skill of writing her name and tried it in the sand.

She's so proud of herself!

It was such a fun day with the Robert's family! We can't wait to go back and visit with them again!

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