Friday, September 17, 2010

A most surprising day...

Libi has been finding long-forgotten toys to play with lately. This morning she took out her Mr. Potato set and had lots of fun with them!

We really are blessed that she's such a happy and easy girl to entertain!

She doesn't really need Ron or I to play-- she loves to play alone-- and I know that is a complete blessing!

The Halloween decorations also provide some new friends to play with. This little witch makes noises which has scared me to pieces on more than one occasion!

She does also like to have an audience for some of her dramatics.

Tonight she had me laughing as she used a drumstick as her bluetooth ear piece. She was animatedly talking to lots of family members on it.

Later Ron found this scene...

they both had a laugh while taking these pictures!

The most shocking thing happened right after nap today. Libi was quietly coloring at her table when she came over to give me a picture. I looked at the top and she had written her name. We have been practicing it, but she had never attempted it on her own. I don't think it's half bad!

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