Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Share Day...

Today was the day that Libi has been looking forward to all summer... share day!!!

She decided to take her owl that we got for her in Las Vegas.

When you poke his tummy he hoots!

She wore a darling dress and practiced her speech!

On the way to school she put on her shades-- she's uber cool!

Once we were at school we followed school rules,

and put her share in her cubby.

She's playing with that ugly red ball again!!!

After school I asked her how share went...

It was good, but she had trouble getting the owl to hoot.

Miss Caroline came to the rescue and helped and everyone was impressed!

This was Libs art project of the day-- It shows Mommy, Daddy and Libi and how we are all friends.

Libi is a reading fool these days. This Pooh book was all about how Christopher Robin got in trouble for pulling Pooh's shirt. (I think they are having trouble with kids pulling on each other at school, because this has been a common story in our house since school started.)

Ron had Back to School Night so Libi and I were on our own most of the evening. I spent some time in the studio with Libi. It is so nice that she enjoys spending time in there with me!

When Ron came home he took Libs up for bed time and immediately called me to bring my camera.

Libi had decorated every door upstairs with one princess sticker.

We have been very lucky with Libs thus far. She hasn't been too much of a trouble-maker, but we did have to have a come to Jesus talk about where stickers belong.... and it's not on furniture!

I guess I have to watch little missy a little more closely when we are in the studio together.

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