Sunday, September 19, 2010

More beach time!

This morning we made it back to church. Today I had my "Experiencing God" class. We learned about the Taize-- a kind of meditation/prayer/chanting time. It was nice to have something to do while the kids are in Sunday School.

After a quick lunch we loaded into the car and headed to the central coast.

The drive was gorgeous and we went through many patches of fog.

Ron and I had lots of time to chat while Libs napped.

We finally arrived at Avila Beach which is just north of Pismo.

We stayed in a great little place that had all the amenities of home AND a little balcony where we could see the ocean.

I was in heaven getting away from home for a bit-- and it looks like Ron and Libi were equally in need of a change of pace.

Our reason for making this trip was so that Ron could present at the Area D Advisor Conference.

They had their organizational meeting on the terrace of our hotel. Libi and I tagged along. She enjoyed trying the hammock...

and just sitting in the sun.

It was a gorgeous evening on the roof...

taking in all the great sights!

To help keep Libi busy some of our CADA pals gave her paper to draw on. I think she drew on every page of this notebook, but Joe didn't seem to mind!

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