Monday, September 13, 2010

Old friends and a new bag...

Today Lucas and Liana came over to play while Colleen and I cut out some things for Moppets.

The kids used to be in Skippers together and did lots of MOPS trips together so they are old chums.

They set up a very nice table for Colleen's birthday complete with a cake they let her try.

It is fun that they could play and entertain themselves while we worked!

My darling hubby got tired of me complaining that my amazing new camera didn't fit in any of my purses so he bought me a JoTote!!!!!

It is the most amazing/darling beg ever!!!!!

My SLR, DBC, wallet, wipes, tissues, pens, lipstick, phone-- it all fits in special compartments in my purse. I love it and I love him for being so thoughtful!! Thanks babe!!!!

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