Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fruit Salad, Yummy yummy!!!

This week was all about fruit.

Today the kids made a fruit salad, each of them contributing their favorite fruit. Libi's favorite (another shocker) pears! She even went to school in a pear shirt-- how's that for being thematic??

Here are some of the Hootin' Owls during roll call-- it is so small there in the morning.

Libi made her own apple-- it is really cute.

We made a quick stop at the Plonk's house to drop tickets off for the movie tomorrow night. Libi and Hailey enjoy each others company a great deal, but when the girls are tired sometimes things don't go well.

The girls were playing and Libi did something that Hailey didn't like so she started to cry. Libi thought that she was doing something wrong so she started to cry too. We calmed them down, but when we got into our car to leave Libs says to me, "Hailey broke my heart when she cried."

Tonight was our family portrait for the church directory. It was a nice surprise to find Bonnie was working the check in table.

We decided to all dress in black for the picture.

Libi was happy to pose for us and for the photographer. He even took some individual photos of Miss Libs-- and Bonnie told us that she was the only child he took individual pics of.

After dinner and a quick visit to MeMe and PopPop's there was more posing at home. This girl LOVES the camera.

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