Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's getting hot, hot, hot!!!

We are in the midst of another heat wave!

We enjoyed the air conditioning at Nana and Pop's for lunch.

I experimented with Libi's hair today-- it was colorful, but I'm not sure I will do it that way again.

Even though we haven't had a meal in the rainbow kitchen for quite a while (it was my childhood tradition) Libi still found some rainbows in the dining room.

Nana and Libi still have lots of fun together.

After my very loud daughter was asked to be quiet for what felt like the millionth time we decided to head home for nap.

These pictures are mostly for Dad, but if you want to check them out you are more than welcome. The house behind my grandparents caught fire earlier in the week. It singed some of their plants, but it didn't do any other damage to their house.

Out of curiosity we drove around the block on the way home to see the total damage.

The poor house is toast, but it doesn't look like anyone was hurt.

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