Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time in my old hood...

For some reason the other day Libi and I were talking about my childhood home. On our way to Nana and Pop's I stopped to show her the house on Cantara Street. It has been re-painted, but it's still the same old house.

The weather has been so strange lately I'm never sure how to dress Libi. Today it was a bit chilly, hence the long-sleeves.

Today Libs was into drawing with her markers (a treat that is reserved for Nana and Pop's house.)

She also brought Nana into the act for a bit when she asked her to draw some things for her.

When the marker novelty wore off she moved on to the Play Doh. She made this amazing sculpture...

AND a rose that looked remarkably like a rose :)

She was so proud of it that she had to have everyone look at it...

and smell it!

As a dessert for her dessert Nana had a sucker waiting for her.

Only at Nana and Pop's can she have such fun adventures!!!!

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