Saturday, September 25, 2010

Limon Wedding...

It was Libi's first wedding tonight!

Ron's cousin Travis married a very sweet girl named Christina in Palmdale tonight.

All of the Limon's made it to the event and Libi was super excited to see all of them!

She was also very excited to see that they had cupcakes for dessert! Can you guess which one Libi had her eye on??

She and I both wore brown dresses to go with their wedding colors (we like to theme our outfits!)

Grampy and his girl!

The two brothers (and Ron's cousins) Travis and Cameron. I remember when they were much, much younger and now they are so grown up.

Libi was a very good guest!

Christina and her parents looked amazing!

We are excited to have one more family member!

It was a very special night for Libi as well. She got to drink her water out of a champagne glass and later she got apple cider to toast the couple!

She watched the couple's first dance with the same rapt attention she gives to her princesses!

For the dollar dance Libi got to dance with both Travis...

and Christina.

Then she took the floor all on her own!!!

She danced with anyone that would dance with her and Christina's friends were happy to oblige!

If you guessed the pink cupcake earlier, you were correct. She even grabbed it before the waiters had plated the desserts.

It was a fun night to get to see everyone in the family that we don't see often enough.

When it was time to catch the bouquet cousin Amanda helped Libi understand what was going to happen. She was told to try to catch the bouquet that Christina was throwing. She decided that there was an easier way to do this, so she went up to Christina and simply asked for the bouquet.

After they sent Libs back to the single lady area, the bouquet was thrown. She didn't catch it, but it's just as well as a little fight broke out over the flowers.

When the floor was opened up for free dancing Libi was the first one out.

During Michael Jackson's Billie Jean she had a dance-off with a teen-aged guest. He did lots of Jackson moves, but Libi was far cuter :)

Cousin Bridget was a frequent dance partner or Libi's.

During the slow dances Libi wanted to dance with her cousins. She asked Jordan, Jake, and Logan and they all turned her down. Ron and I suggested that she ask Uncle Jose-- and he was game for some dancing!

Libi made lots of new friends!

Ron and I got to dance a few slow dances together-- something that doesn't happen very often!

During the song "Wonderful Tonight" Ron and Libi took a spin on the floor. Libi was getting really tired at this point (she had been on the dance floor for over an hour!) but she still managed to steal her Daddy's heart. As they were dancing, Libi put her hand on Ron's cheek and said, "Daddy, will you sing to me?" That's my girl!!!

We made it almost to the end of the reception but we bowed out twenty minutes shy. On our way out Libi hopped into the picture with folks we don't know. She's such a joiner!

On the drive home we told Libi that she could fall asleep in the car if she wanted to. We knew she was tired when her response was, "I want to!"

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