Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another reason to love preschool...

I was trying to take some candid pictures of Libi at school today, but as soon as she heard my flash pop she turned around.

While she was learning lots I was home purging from our bookshelf!

I truly love books and so does Libi, but we had tons too many so I pulled the ones we don't read any more and donated them to Little People.

Now we have gorgeous, well-organized bookshelves and a very happy Mommy!!!

During pick-up time there was lots of posing for me.

My sweet little girl brought me flowers (although I didn't think she was supposed to pick them.)

After catch with Miss Abla it was time to go home.

Today Libi made a self-portrait.

Do you see the resemblance??

After nap Libi made good use of her newly organized shelves by reading to Tobee.

When Tobee wasn't looking at the pictures Libi moved the book directly into her line of sight.

When Tobee lost total interest she moved on to her princess book....

until Daddy came home and she could do her light saber battles.

We now use all sorts of things in place of light sabers: wands, PVC pipe, drumsticks-- whatever is at hand.

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