Monday, September 27, 2010

Toys, toys everywhere....

Libi has been having some issues getting to sleep in her room lately. We have about a dozen "scary" toys lining our hallway upstairs because Libs wouldn't sleep until they were out of the room. Her closet was a particular source of distress, but when I told her that it was just full of clothes and toys we hadn't opened yet, her opinion changed.

To help ease her fears I grabbed one of the toys this morning from the closet and we opened it together. It was a Pooh stationary set that I have had since I worked for the Mouse. Libs spent the whole morning drawing, putting stickers on paper, and making things for family.

Later on it was back to the Wikki Sticks!

Libi made this bug that was very life-like!

For lunch I made Libi her first cookie cutter-ed sandwich. My Mom used to put these in my lunch box all the time.

While Amy and I scrapbooked in the evening, Ron took Libi to his folks house for a short visit.

They came home with some of his Star Wars action figures.

Libi was beyond stoked to play with them-- the princesses now have competition (or dates!)

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