Sunday, September 12, 2010

A super busy Sunday

This morning we went to the very early service because it was the first week of Sunday school.

Libi was placed in the Pre-K, K, 1 level room. Her teacher is Mr. Peter. She was super excited to see what they had in store for her.

When I went to pick her up they were playing hide and seek and it was Libi's turn to hide.

She did and excellent job-- do you see her?

I was thrilled because it was the first time Libi's been in a class when she wasn't the tallest girl there. The girls were so happy to have her there-- apparently the age difference didn't matter to them.

We met up with the grandparents at Eggs 'n Things for breakfast.

Grampy and Libi listened to Star Wars and had a crayon light saber battle.

It was nice to get the whole gaggle of grandparents together one last time on the actual Grandparent's Day.

We did a final photo shoot...

and got some really cute pictures!

Libs just loves her grandparents!

This was the only serious one we got of her with Grammy and Grampy-- right after this she began to stick out her tongue in every photo.

One serious photo....

and then the faces began!

Yikes!!! Perhaps that is our signal that we are taking too many pictures!

We ran home, changed, let Tobee out for a second, and then loaded into the car and headed to Disneyland. We didn't go at all the month of August-- I was in serious withdrawal!!!

We made a quick stop at the Star Trader to show Libi the Star Wars store. I never thought that she would be so into it!

She tried on a few things but didn't find anything that she had to have (except for the build your own light saber bar which we wouldn't let her do!)

We tried a new show today.

I even brought Libi's light saber from home so she could get into the spirit of things.

She listened intently when they talked about how you can be chosen to train with the Jedi master.

When the moment came she excitedly raised her hand...

and she was chosen!!!!

She looked like the perfect Padawan on stage in her robe.

It was such fun to watch her reaction to all of it...

she took it so seriously and intently listened to the Jedi master.

They did some training...

and Libi showed her skills.

If you ask this proud mama-- I think that she did better than some of the older kids.

We were all taken aback when the Dark forces came on stage and the kids had to battle them.

Libi got to battle Darth Vader (with the help of her Jedi Master) and she did an amazing job!!!

When her turn was over she was memorized watching the other battle Darth Vader and Darth Maul.

The kids did such a good job fighting them off that they were forced to leave.

The Padawan's took their Jedi oath and the training was over!

Libs was thrilled to get her certificate (she has already asked that it be framed and put up in her room.)

After lunch at our favorite stop (Cafe Orleans) we saw the Tiana show for the first time.

During the participation section Libi got up and danced like a champ!

She loves singing and dancing (just as much as she loves being a Jedi!)

Libi requested riding on Big Thunder Mountain so Daddy got a fast pass before lunch. Before we even left the station, this is how Libs looked.

This is a photo during the ride. I'm not sure she will be asking to go on this again for a while.

We headed back to Small World and the princesses next.

We were a little sad to only get two princesses the first time through...

but we did get to see two more during story time!

Libi even got to dance during the story time! Today was a great day for crowd participation!!!!

In between stories Libi got to watch her battle with Darth Vader on Dad's iPhone. She was so proud (and so was Daddy!)

Auntie Janice and Hailey were also in the park today and we met up with them before we left.

The girls had fun visiting the princesses together.

It was so cute having Hailey in her Halloween costume next to Belle!

Aunt Janice even got in on the photo since Belle is her favorite!

Libs requested a solo photo with Belle-- and she was happy to oblige!

We were like the papparazzi coming through the princess line-- all 9 of us snapping away and oohing and aahing at the cuteness!

Our final princess of the day was Cinderella...

and the girls loved her...

all the girls!!!!

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