Thursday, September 9, 2010

Share Day #2

Today Figment was our toy of choice for sharing.

Libi was a playing machine when I went to pick her up:

Throwing the ball,

chasing the boys, and being a normal, happy three and a half year old.

After the kids went in for nap I tried to get a few photos for Libi's share scrapbook...

but she was being way too silly to get any good ones.

In the evening we had to make a quick trip to the mall, so we had dinner at Chick-fil-a.

It was our first time at the new Valencia location. The food was good and the service was nice (we were even asked if we wanted refills during our visit.)

After my two minute stop at the mall to get an owl dress for Libi to wear to Grandparents Day tomorrow at school I went off to my scrapbook class. It was nice to sit with the ladies and get some pages done, even if they aren't totally complete.

My parents drove down today so they would be ready for the celebration tomorrow. They ate dinner and we ate pancake "dessert" at IHOP. It was a late night, but a fun one!!

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