Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Mommy time...

This billboard was recently put up on the corner of Sierra Hwy. and Soledad Canyon Road. Libi LOVES it!!! Every time we pass it (which is every time we go to preschool) she reminds me that she met the Queen last year at the Halloween party at California Adventure.

I was lucky enough to take Libi to school this morning so I could have some Mommy time with my former MOPS pals. Sixteen women in total met for breakfast at Egg Plantation-- I felt sorry for anyone else in the restaurant because we were all chatting loudly. It was heaven to catch up with these amazing women!

Libi didn't mind an extra day with her friends either!

I am also happy to report that she has moved on from the red ball to this blue one-- it photographs much better :)

As Ron points out, I am a food fixator!!! My current favorite is the wild berry smoothie from McDonald's. Today Libi and I felt the need to grab one after school.

In the afternoon Ron and I gave blood via the UCLA Bloodmobile which was parked at church.

To help pass the time for the kids one of the med techs wrapped up the kids arms just like the parents. Libi loved the pink bandage while I chose purple. Ron stuck with good old UCLA blue :)

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