Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A happy, happy day!!!

It was quite a happy day for our whole family!!

First of all it was Miss Caroline's Birthday today (actually yesterday) and Libi decided to sing to her!

When I was a kid and it was my teacher's birthday my Mom always took me to buy them flowers. I remember vividly walking through the shop, smelling all of the fragrance, and picking the perfect bouquet for them. Happily I am continuing this with Libs-- sorry to Miss Tasha since we hadn't begun Little People when it was her birthday.

Today Libi informed me that she apologized to the boy she hurt again. I think he forgave her because I found them playing together when I was at pickup.

After a quick nap we took Libs down to spend the evening with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet while we went to.......

the GLEE Premiere Party!!!

As a total Gleek I am a fan of the show on Facebook. Last week they had a post that invited viewers in the Los Angeles area to e-mail if they wanted to attend a special viewing party for the first episode of the new season. I quickly sent away, but didn't hear anything for days so I figured that I wasn't one of the 350 that would get to go. While we were in Long Beach I got the e-mail that would enable me and a guest to attend! Yippee!!!

Ron was happy to be my plus one!

We got to walk the red carpet to the check in tables.

While none of the main cast members were there in person, we did get to take pictures with lots of different posters.

I told you we were total Gleeks!

We did have a celebrity in our midst, Brad Ellis, the pianist from the show!

He was my favorite part of the entertainment line-up for the night.

After a rousing sing-a-long of some of the most famous Glee songs....

I got to meet him!!!!! He is so totally sweet :)

Our wristbands even said "Glee"-- I'm in heaven!

The final performance was from the group that inspired the show Glee.

One last picture....

then it was on with the show! Such a fun night to share with many like-minded Gleeks.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

LOVE IT!!! Total fellow Gleek!