Friday, September 24, 2010

SCLP Family Night

We laid low at the house today since we knew it was going to be a super fun night tonight!

Every year the SCLP families bring dinner to school, have a picnic, and play some games.

Tonight Libi was asked to help lead the prayer with some of her classmates.

Libi's and her friend Solea spent most of the night going from blanket to blanket visiting their freinds.

When it came to game time Ron got recruited to help run games and I was put in charge of Libi supervision.

We tried every game-- many more than once!

All of the parents wore name tags, but Libi decided that she needed one too. So she wrote out her name all by herself!

These girls were inseparable tonight!

They did make time for one quick photo with Madison :)

The final activity was an egg relay where the kids were on one side and the parents were on the other.

Libi made it across with only dropping her egg once.

It was a fun night for all of the families at SCLP.

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