Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vegetable soup...

This week was all about vegetables at school.

Libi took a book which has a whole list of vegetables in it-- sadly we didn't realize that there was no share today.

Each child was supposed to bring their favorite vegetable to put in a veggie soup. My daughter told her teachers that cabbage was her favorite-- this was total news to me since I don't think Libi has ever had cabbage!

Ron was a trouper-- he ran out to the store last night to buy cabbage and he cut it all up for Libi and her friends.

When I left my little owl was happily playing with the dolls.

When I came to pick her up the teachers informed me that the kids loved our "garbage!"

They said that all the kids called the cabbage "garbage" and they really enjoyed it.

Nothing but the best "garbage" for Libi and her friends!

She wore one of her new owl outfits today from Jammy and Granpa and she looked adorable!

We didn't get to share the book with the class, but we did share it with Miss Caroline.

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