Saturday, October 23, 2010

Staying close to the CC

Today we had a nice quiet morning.

Libi made a house for herself and tried to get Ron and I to come in with her.

The UPS man came over and delivered Libi's Halloween costume.

We had to try it on to be sure it fit.

The wig was good...

but the robe was a bit long.

We will have to use our Jedi mind-tricks to get Jammy to hem it.

We took an afternoon visit to see Cousin Mia.

The girls enjoyed some cookies...

and play time!

The finale for my Experiencing God class was an evensong mass at church. While we were enjoying sangria and tapas, Libi went to a glow party with the kids.

Our Bishop elect, Mary Glasspool, was such a joy to meet. Libi also enjoyed posing with her and their glow sticks.

Our late-night dinner at Chili's culminated in a lot of snuggling between Libs and I-- it was a great day!

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